Thursday, April 1, 2010

Artist of the Month / Prop Stylist Lauren Nelson

Photos by Keller + Keller

Lauren is a visual artist of many sorts – painter, print maker, interior designer, and prop stylist – and is drawn to capturing moments through the eye of the camera. Her understanding of light, color, and composition make for a seamless collaboration with photographers to create a beautiful shot.  She’s spent the last several years working on lifestyle shoots for both print and broadcast while freelancing as an artist and decorator to clients of all kinds.  She loves rustic modernism, timeworn objects, graphic patterns and textures, and eclectic pieces that make the sum greater than its parts.

When not on a shoot or working for a client, she is at the farmers market dreaming up meals for the week, planning her next excursion, or getting her hands dirty in the garden.  She feels lucky to have grown roots on both East and West coasts, drawn to the otherworldly views of San Francisco, the endless sunshine of Los Angeles, the small-town feel of Cambridge, and the constant buzz of New York.

A few of Lauren's clients include Domino, House Beautiful, Essence and Pottery Barn. Lauren also recently worked on a segment with Paula Deen on The View as well as an upcoming segment for The Today Show.

To see more of Lauren's work, visit Marnie Rose Agency.

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