Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Artist of the Month: Margarette Adams, Food Stylist

Margarette Adams was born in the Philippines, her mother's native land. Her father was in the air force, which led to her family moving every two years. She loved the new experiences of moving around, and the gracious welcomes from locals that inevitably involved some form of food.

As a teenager, she was enrolled as the youngest student in a local photography class and later attended the Germain School of Photography at the Center for the Media Arts. Margarette's first photo job after school was a 2nd assistant in a photo catalog house. She quickly became a staff photographer followed by style director, where she prepared food for dining sets and appliances.

Under the tutelage of such food stylists as Anne Disrude, Roscoe Betsill, J. R. Rowley and Rory Spinelli, Margarette worked at perfecting her food styling technique for editorial, cookbooks, print campaigns, packaging and film works.

“Being a bit of a “Jill of all trades,” I have devoted the past few years into being a food stylist. I am so grateful to be able to use more than fifteen years of knowledge and experience from working in the NYC visual arts with some of the most gifted people from all walks of life and from all over the world. How many people can say that they get paid for playing with their food? It still tickles me to cross that magical bridge."

Margarette lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her life partner, Sheila, and their 17-year old puppy, Tanner. She is a proud supporter of the CdLS Foundation, spinal cord injury research, and the March of Dimes.

Margarette has worked with photographers such as Jamie Chung, Plamen Petkov, James Worrell, Sang An, and Mary Ellen Bartley. Her many clients include Glamour, Bon Appetit, Origins, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Kraft, and Stacy's Pita Chip Company.

View Margarette's full online portfolio here:


Anonymous said...

margarette is kind of amazing, isn"t she

Anonymous said...

Wow. To think, I actually once knew this amazing woman. Margie, I just made it through the most amazing journey I've had in quite some time without leaving my chair. Your style left me hungry as the food jumped off the pages at me. Greatly powerful and amazing job. I'll NEVER look at pictures of food the same...ever. The thing is, I know this isn't easy to do and must take many shots to get THE one. Amazing.